Shaggy Emergency Operation

I was wondered why it had been so quiet… 8O 8O…but now I know why… :frowning: .our erstwhile intrepid new VP2 owner of 1 month (Shaggy) was rushed into hospital with appendicitis this last weekend… :shockingzap: :shockingzap:…All is now much better after the op (he says) =D> =D> hopefully he will be back on the forum in the next few days with loads more questions etc… :car15: :smiley: :smiley:

Ouch :frowning: If he sees this, get well soon.

Speedy recovery Shaggy. :thumbright:

And if he doesn’t see it?? :wink:

thats like asking the Question when you are giving a speech, if you cant hear me, raise your hand!

Get well soon shaggy!

you are not going to post a picture of your scar, are you??? We should have had the doctor implant a data logger, then we would know when the wind was coming…

Get well, Shaggy, it is too quiet around this place… and does this mean you won’t be going up to the roof to adjust the antenna next week? :roll:

Hope you recover soon Shaggy.

Just had an endoscopy today where the Sun doesn’t shine but thank goodness the camera wasn’t linked to the WD setup.
From the met. point of view, all was windy with strong southerly gusts (Still gusting) :frowning: :frowning: :oops:

Been missing you Shaggy - well done to Munrobaggins for finding out the real problem and letting us know - we all do care!!

I’m sorry the new weather station never eventuated Chris - it must have been around then that he was taken ill - at least he has an excuse… :wink: Next year perhaps :lol:

Get well soon Shaggy - the dog will be missing you… :wink: I better check to see if the station has been reliable…

Yes - right on track!!

Cheers man…


My favorite, which I hear at work on the loudspeaker almost daily:
Mr. Smith, if you’re in the building, you have a call on line 2.

(And if he’s not in the building, he doesn’t?)

Wow Shaggy…

Next time post before you leave :wink:

Hope your recovery is fast and complete. We will look forward to your return.


It could be worse, you could be me going to a 2 day physics training. This doesn’t sound good ( from 8 -4pm daily) , not good at all… do take care, Sparky… :lol:

Lets hope the nurses dont get the wrong idea when he is telling them the best place to put his antanna 8O

Get well soon dude :wink:

Wow. Thanks for the kind comments guys. Very touched :slight_smile:

I will give you a breakdown.

Friday Afternoon - Had a dull stomach ache for about 2 hours. Thought of it to be honest and it went away.

Saturday Afternoon - Around lunch time the same dull ache started, again io thought nothing of it and out it down to some bad food or drink. The pain progressed all afternoon until at about 19:00 when I could not take the pain any longer. From this point it got worse very quickly.

I went to the emergency doctors and they called an Ambulance. Now for people who think we have a good health service, this bit will you right. The 999 call was made at 19:30, at 20:45 still no ambulance. By this time my dad had picked up my wife and son, dropped my son of at my sisters and driven to the docs where he then hauled me into the car and drove me to the hosi.

By the time it was diagnosed as appendicitis it was 03:00 in the morning. I was on a Ward at 04:15 and had the opp at 11:30am.

Acute Appendicitis on the verge of rupturing. Good does it hurt :slight_smile:

So Saturday night is not a good time to have a medical complaint in Kent then? Too busy looking after the drunks are they?

Still, good to see you’re back with us now and I assume you’ve got a few days off to recuperate so what’s the plans for this week then? :wink:

More gentle exercise because I think he still has a foot injury, but the dog will love having him back… walk or no walk in the park… oh and some more time on the PC, hmmm, perhaps a move to Wxsim forecasts available soon on the Shaggy’s World… :wink:

I know exactly how you felt. I got past that point when I was 17…a rupture followed by peritonitis, a 3 week stay in hospital and 2 months off school just before my A Levels. It’s good to see you home and feeling well enough to get back on the PC after just a couple of days.

Welcome back Shaggy… :slight_smile:


Here you are. Me on Planet Morphine

oooohhheeerrrrrrrr…eeehhhhhhhkkkkkk… 8O 8O…get well soon…there is a plenty to learn in the wx/met world… :roll: :roll: :wink: :wink:

you look medicated… ah…

Once had my gall bladder out, that hurts me thinking about it. one acute gall bladder attack. I went into my vet, er … doctor… and he prescribed Tums… Went home… woke up about 10 pm from a nap , still hurt, figured that a bowl of ice cream would do the trick. about 30 min later oh my god… thought I had a dissecting abdominal anyursiam, went by ambulance to the hospital, they medicated me,did the tests and took mine out that evening. The surgeon, a real nice chap, very skilled said it was going to be either laproscoped or the big slice, I said I really didn’t care and had the laproscope ins tead… So I know what you are going through…