Setup ip cam

Im trying setup the camera using Nikos instructions ( ) but I`m stuck, right click on the image for properties but doesn’t open the properties window, only near the image(photo), what should I do?

Looking at the buttons at the top it’s probably not a static image. Can you post the URL or is it just on your local PC/network?

Yes its not static.

Oh dear, those set up instructions are only good for IP cams that can serve a static image. Some like the Panasonic ones serve video but also give you a URL where you can get a static image. If your ip cam doesn’t do that then you’ll have to use some other way to grab an image from the video and I can’t help you with that :dontknow: (But there are users doing it.)

Its only live video, do I need third party software to grab images(1frame per 10secs) and uploaded to?

(my camera has only manual snapshot…)

What is the model of the camera?


When you press the snapshot button what does it do?

The model is the KDM-6742HL,

When I press snapshot, it creates a jpg at C:
I also asked the support and told me there is NO option of auto snapshot, only live video…
Here is the manual if it helps,
And a screen shot of menu of the camera: