Setting up to use a TAPR 1 wire barometer in WD

Information provided by Blair Batty :slight_smile:
TAPR (Tucson Amateur Packet Radio)
has a number of 1-wire weather sensor kits available:
X1W-1, X1W-4, X1W-4 and T-238+MODEM2, which provide
temperaure, humidity, barometer, radiation, lightning
and rain sensors or interfaces thru the Dallas 1-wire system.

Programming X1W-1 Barometer

  1. In W-D, select “Control Panel”, “Dallas 1-wire” then “Main/save setup”.

  2. Select the ROM-id for the Barometer and copy it to the clip-board.

  3. Move to “Barometer setup”

  4. Paste the Barometer ROM-id in the “Bray-Jennings Barometer ROM-id” space.

  5. Check off “I have a barometer (Bray-Jennings or AAG)”.

  6. Fill in the blanks (see drawing):
    a) High Baro = 31.60
    b) Low Baro = 25.69
    c) High Voltage = 9.75
    d) Low Voltage = 1.75

  7. Click “Set”.

  8. Return to “Main/save setup” and click “save/reset” and “Close”.

  9. After about a five minute delay, the barometer will start.