Setting up Server/Client WD

I’m trying to set up a server/client connection, on a lan. The client doesn’t update… I set server on the server (where the weather station is) and client on the client machine… Is there something I am missing?

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Bud Williamson

try using just the default IP address , for both the client and server
and 333 for the port number
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Hi Brian,

I started using the default IPs, but that wouldn’t communicate. Should I see the “Data Received” light blink green or something on the client side? I was able to get it to respond to a clientraw.txt file that I ftp’d to a site.
I do have a seperate ip set up on the server machine - does that mean anything? (I tried setting that number, but that didn’t work either)

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I am standing here with my gumboots on and overalls on with the first row of cows miking

You need to get a Wifi connected tablet PC so that you can be standing in the shed with the cows and still coding :robot: Just think of all the extra coding time if you didn’t have to walk from the cow-shed to the PC :wink:

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yes the data received light shiould flash

export and email me your wdisplayftp.ini file from the registry…

from both pc;s

and also try the old restart wd trick on both pcs

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OK, I’ll get those files gathered & sent… I assume you are done milking? Is it play time now?

Appreciate the support,

yes, computerised sheds and even robot milkers you can get
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An old 386, the wife’s Hoover, a bunch of wires 'n stuff and Brian in deep thought…

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i have him sorted by the sounds of it…he had ticked data from over the internet…

Actually, I’m back to receiving from the internet. It wouldn’t work the other way, although I thought I did have it. I’ll play with it today, after cold reboots on both machines…

try also the free client viewer for the non internet setting, and see if you can get that working…

It doesn’t seem to work on either WD or client viewer on the network, only via internet. That works for me…

One more question on Client/Server; Does the Solar/UV data get sent (via clientraw.txt)?


it should work, and does for 99% of cases, but sometimes there are things that stop it…and i am no expert
a firewall is one thing…

solar is in the clientraw.txt, and the client viewer uses it
and wd as a client will too…
but i will add option to actualy use, next week…(i am away for the weekend )