Setting up Fog Icon

Brian, please can you tell me the paremeters to make the fog icon appear. Here at present it is foggy with 12.2C at 98% humidity. Do I set up the setup/summary image to those parameters too?

well, the humidity needs to be at or greater than the setting and the temperature needs to be less than the setting (in the summary image and icon setup)
there needs to be no rain in the last rain periods you have setup , too…

we had a bit of extreme weather here today
had a very active front go through
very sudden squall
very dense hail and heavy rain
cam over the hills like a wall of white
winds of 48 knots
absolute white out conditons, visibility of only 5 metres of so
flashes of lightning (i had 55 counts in 5 minutes), loud thunder, power going off and on…
spring weather in new zealand!
and the temperature dropped from 14.5 to 9.5oC in a minute or two.////
and the guy wire broke on my anenometer mast, and that is now a bit bent!