Setting up a transparent backround in WDL

I have checked out the other posts but i cant manage to create a transparent background in my WDL… any help guys?

Here is a javascript that I found someone else using with there WDL. What it does it keeps your background still while scrolling. Just use a pic that you want to use and upload to your webserver. Where the name is in red that is your background you want to use. I hope this helps you out. Put it right below you tag.

/* Watermark Backgound Image Script-

Have a look at these posts which describe how to make WDL have a transparent background so you display an image or colour -


Thanks guys really appreciate your time and help!!

It would be a good idea 1006 to put you site and some info in your profile.


Yeah i know im gonna do that but i would like to share it when i finished tweaking the WDL so everyone can see it! :slight_smile:

You told me to place it beloy the body, however in my wdlconfig i have no body… do i have to create it myself?

any help guys?

Here is a link to my page.

Once it is open go to view and click on source and you can see where to put it.


But this is an html page… i dont insert the background code in the wdlconfig file?

Do you have a link to your WDL page.


no, you dont put the code into the xml config file, you put into your html file…thats my thinking

oh bugger, how do you link an html with the config file?? sorry for my idiotic question but im not all that fond in coding…

You need to read the readme.html file that is part of the WDL download package. That will explain the fundamentals.


Just red it, however doesnt tell you how to link the html to the config and also what you can put in the html file…

you can put what ever you like in the html file
i think you are confused with the xml config file and the html file
the xml config file is for by the .swf flash file…and WDL expects certain things in that file…it wont be able to see or do anything with things you add to the xml file that is not supposed to be there

do you find the html in the folder of wdl or you create it yourself? also if you create it how do you link it to the whole system? Sorry for these questions however im not understanding how i have to do it :frowning:


Go to your WeatherDisplayLive folder and you will see a couple of files labeled index.html and index_xhtml_compliant.html. These are the pages you use for WDL. There is also a readme.html file open that up it is the doc to show you how to get it started. It is very simple to follow.


i threw the java script in the file index.shtm this is what there is:

Weather Station 2006 /* Watermark Backgound Image Script-

guys :frowning: :frowning:

Here is my html file. This works for me.

Weather Display Live

Watermark Backgound Image Script-