Server migration status

I’m getting near the end. That’s not the end of my tether…the end of the project! I’ve got two systems left to migrate. One of those is a personal one which is broken for the version of PHP I’m using on the new server. I think I may have a solution for that which I will investigate tomorrow.

The other system left is the forum. That’s got three components to it and I think two of those may be fairly easy but I’m worrying about the other (the mail receiver) because I’m not sure how that will work in the new environment. I’ll also start looking at the forum migration tomorrow. This is also an early warning that there will need to be some downtime when I do the forum migration, but I’ll let you know when that’s getting closer.

I’ve made some more progress. The personal web site has been migrated. I was wrong about it being a PHP version issue. It actually wasn’t compatible with the version of MariaDB that I’m using (a v11 Galera cluster that runs on all three servers).

One of the good things about using containers if that it only takes a few minutes to create a new V10 MariaDB container to run alongside v11 and the web app was happy with that.

So, on to the forum. This consists of three containers - the forum app, the translator (optional but we use it) and a mail receiver (it handles replies to notifications and a few other things).

I’ve now created a new translator container and it’s working property. I’ve started creating the new forum app container but have parked that overnight because it can’t send mail so I need to do some more investigating. I’ve I fix that I can do a trial restore of a backup from the current forum. Once that works and is properly tested I’ll be looking to do the final backup on this server to restore onto the new server.

The observant among you will have noticed that I said there were three containers and I’ve only mentioned two so far. I’m going to do the migration without the mail receiver. It’s actually difficult to test without doing a lot of work, so as it’s not heavily used I’ll wait until the forum is happy in it’s be home before trying to tackle the mail input. This is an early warning to anyone who uses mail input that it might not be working for a day or two (I’m expecting that it might be tricky to set up).

That’s all for now. Time for some sleep now.

Doh - Computer says “nah”. Actually firewall said “nah”. If you want to send email you need to let port 25 through the firewall.

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