September2003.htm not generated

On my previous posting I mentioned that August2003.htm was not generating. I put this down to the problems encountered on the latter end of that month, and as 2 days were omitted, I could put up with that.

Now we are in September, the September2003.htm was not generated on the September 1st to 2nd rollover.

Where have I gone wrong now?

not sure whats up there andy
it auto created for me, on the 2nd day…

what happends when you go action, update avereages/extreme now?
any errors under view, program erorr log?

anyone else having this problem?

bed time here…

Hi Brian,

I now have the September2003.htm file and it looks OK. I swear it wasn’t there at 5am when I first checked. It is now 7:55 am.

However, if I click the “month to date” action on the web page the graph is blank. The past 24/48/72 hours graphs look OK though.

John :slight_smile:

LaCrosse 2310

I used the method you said, and it forced the September2003.htm to write this time. Funny thing is that I also did a right mouse click and went to “View your web page”, and I came up with a directory path invalid remark. I checked this out and all appeared okay … and it still didn’t work. I then went back to “set web files location” and actually manually replaced the directory folder path to the same path as was originally, and this is now accepted when I go to “view your web page”. Not sure if this is coincidental or what.

Anyway, coming back to the September2003.htm file issue, now it is written, I shall check it again tomorrow to see if it writes today’s data into it.

Is it only me who appears to have these silly faults as above. I now am starting to doubt myself as if I am doing things right with setting up Weather Display as it seems that sometimes when I change something, I find out later, other little problems have started to show their ugly head.

By the way, the program error log … masses of could not create sunmoonimage.gif and also “Access Violation of address of 6F502000. Read of address 6F50200 at date/time 6.23:16pm at 2/9/2003”

resettubg th web files directory will help
but the access violations is the problem
when ever you get one of those, the program jumps out of a routine and does not complete it

its hard to know why you are getting those …
what time do they occur at?
maybe if you email me your settings…
wdisplay.ini from c:\winnt or c:\windows and wdisplayftp.ini from the registry
(see here:
what windows version andy, and how much memory?

I shall try and check the program error log more frequently when I am checking/doing things to Weather Display to try to find out what function starts this error log. Most of the time, these logs are generated without me doing things.

I am using Windows XP Pro with 256kb RAM. The PC is running at 1.4Ghz and has a 80Gb Hard disk which is only about a 1/3 full.

Will Norton Antivirus affect the usage at all when it does it’s weekly hard disk virus scan? Just in case it does, I have shut the weekly check off.

Well, I stayed up to watch the day roll over, and NO … the september03.htm did not update at 12.05am!

I had to do it manually again by using Action/update extreme averages. and it worked.

Program error log shows "ERROR - privelged instruction at time/date 11.52:11 at 02/09/2003