Sending weather data to Facebook via Twitter

I searched around on here for this but only found some very complicated answers. I stumbled across a very simple way to add your tweets to your Facebook profile with only a few clicks. I’m not used to writing how to’s but I’ll give it a try.

First you’ll need to tell WD to send info to your twitter account. There’s a little twitter icon on the summary tab (thanks Brian).
Click on it and set up your twitter account settings accordingly. This will start to send weather info to your twitter account.

Next, go into your twitter account, click on profile and on the lower right hand side click on “RSS feed of yourtwittername’s tweets”
Save a copy of that URL or just open a new window.

Next, log in to your Facebook account and click on this link

The app is called RSS Graffiti. What you’re doing is simply taking your twitter feed and posting it to your Facebook wall through this app.
Once in this app you’ll need to give the appropriate permissions and authorizations (just follow the instructions) Next, go ahead and paste your URL from your twitter feed. Go ahead and click “see preview” You should see your recent tweets in the window.

You’ll want to click on Style “compact” and give the feed name a cute little name. I’d also go ahead and strip the twitter name from your Facebook posts. There’s some other options on there for you to pick from. Just try a little trial and error to set it up the way you want it to read. You can always edit this feed. Hit the Save button and you’re done!

It takes a little while for you to start seeing tweets on your Facebook page. I’d recommend maybe doing a test tweet so you can see how it works. It might take 5-15 minutes for your tweet to show up on your Facebook page.

Good Luck and let me know how this works for you guys!

p.s. You’ll want to stop all other applications that are currently connecting Facebook and Twitter. Otherwise you could get an infinite loop from Twitter back to Facebook back to Twitter and so on.

I found a youtube video that shows the steps…

I didnt see that app before. I’m using Selective Tweets to send from Twitter to Facebook.

I’m doing the same thing…

It’s pretty new. At least now if someone searches on here they’ll find it. :slight_smile:
I searched on this forum and didn’t really see an easy option.

I think it was hidden within the WD-Messenger discussion. Good alternative though.