Seeing the weather data on other Pc's on your LAN

You can either use the free client viewer, or setup WD as a client, on those PC’s:
if they can all see a mapped drive, then there are 2 ways:
in the setup, control panel, ftp/internet, then client/server, try setting the station connected to the station as the server…i.e turn the server and main switch ON, on that page, and then the other pc’s set them as a client…
and then, also, you can set those client pc’s to share the log and data files
see under setup, general and misc
and set the new location for the logfiles and datafiles as that mapped drive, and set to share the logfiles and datafiles (and select that same location)
and then restart
if the multicast TCP/IP data does not work, then instead set the server version to produce the clientraw.txt file in the client/server setup, and on the client version, tick to use the clientraw.txt file and set the location as the mapped webfiles folder on the server version.You can even set to use the clientraw.txt file over the internet from a URL ! (i.e the server version needs to have the clientraw.txt file being uploaded using the real time clientraw ftp upload (see under setup, control panel, webfiles/webpage/real time FTP)