Script for putting certain data from clientraw-file from WD to a webpage ?

Is it possible to have an script/ticker made for a webpage reading i.e temperature-data and show this only on a webpage ?
I already running WD-live on a webserver, but thinking of adding a temp-reading from my clientraw-file on another webpage.
Could be configurable in a way if anybody else want to read another settings from the file though.

Regards, BKL

I am not entirely sure what you want to do, but if it to read data from the clinetraw file into a web page then you can do that via Ajax. My web page ( shows you what you can do. All the data that colours green when you refresh my page is taken from the clinetraw file using Ajax.

If you search this forum for Ajax then you can find the script to do it. Alternatives there are a couple of templates where all the hard work is done for you (leuven and Saratoga). A search of this forum will also get you those templates if you want to use them.

Hope things helps.