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In looking at some of the screen shots on other WD user sites, I noticed that some of them have the following in the right side graphs:

1.) Labels for the Red, Blue, and Green lines in the top graph

2.) Labels at the bottom of the bottom graph. My Sreenshot is cut off at the bottom

How do I get these to appear?


What resolution is you monitor set to?

What resolution is you monitor set to?

Woops How did I do this twice?

the labels should show up ok, unless you are using blocked in
are you using the latest vers of WD>?
to see the info around the grpah, you will need to use a screen res greater than 800x600,and set wd to large screen mode (under setup, general and misc)
but the screen shot image is always set to 800x600 though

I had the same ‘chopping’ problem when using XP with it’s new ‘style’ of the task bar. The icons are bigger and obscure the WD display. I have had to go back to using the ‘classic’ display to get them back.

I am currently running Version 9.70D. Screen resolution is set for 1024X768. Use Full Screen size is set to Yes.

Here’s what it looks like:


remember the screen shot file is set back to 800x600 size
but i do have a resample program to resize…i could use that
as for the missing graph info for max/ac/low, not sure why its not thetre for you
do you use the 12 hour or 24 or 48 or 72 graph option, under graph history???

Graph History is currently set for 24 hours.

that is why those gust (and clour) info dont appear…they work on the 12 hour graph…i need to add to the other graph interval options

Also, Sunrise and Sunset doesn’t appear at the bottom of the screen. Is that a setting that I have to turn on in order to have appear?


again, they do not work too well if you are not using the default 12 hour graph

My graph looks exactly like yours. Whats missing?

By switching to the 12 hour view, I got the top graph to show the labels “Gust”, “Average”, and “Low”, and the bottom graph to show the bottom line (hours) and “Sunrise” and “Sunset”. Apparently they only show up in the 12 hour graph, none of the others. Brian is aware of it, and he is going to correct it (I hope).