Screen shrinked to 4x5 cm


I’ve just got my new WMR 968 weather station, changed the settings and was very happy about everything, but only for 1 day. :frowning:

The screen of the main program is reduced to 4 cm width and 5cm hight.
My screen resolution is at 1024x768. I didn’t change this within the last days. I didn’t change any values but this morning the screen appears like a screen of a cell phone!

The possible actions are already taken(“Use full screen size…”, “Increase the screen size” and “Reset the screen size”) but they didn’t change anything!

I’ve deleted and installed WD but without success too! :frowning:

Can you help me in this case!?!

Best regards


i had an instance of this some time ago
but you have to restart wd after setting it to full screen for it to take effect

yes, try:
setup, use full screen size if larger…, then click on yes
then restart WD
should be OK then

Strange. This happened to me this afternoon when I was trying to make it larger. I checked the yes option on “use full screen if larger…”. I didn’t like it and tried to make it back to no. But some of the items stayed large, like the time clock. Played around and eventually got it down to a postage stamp size. Click no, restart and it is back to yes. Finally found the secret was to click no even if it already was no. Gets smaller. Click yes. Gets larger. Click yes again. Gets bigger. Very strange behavior for a simple function. I finally got it back to normal. You do have to restart to get it to fix the size of all the boxes. I had a time box bigger than the weather icon. Now that it is back the way I want it, I am going to stay away from that simple looking option. It seems rather buggy.

yes, well, i dont have alot of control over that behaviour
i was working on, but ran out of time, simply being able to do a stright out resize
i will try again…but it means setting a certain property of every object on the screen …

i have tried again, but its a no go
the problem is the font size will not increase auto as the user increases the size of the window…
but i will have a look at the other method i have in place and see if i can improve that


The screen size is restored in normal size.
I’m not sure what caused this but clicking the roll-down button restored the screen unexpected!