Screen Saver Enable/Disable

Since the start of the Screen Saver function the Enable/Disable check under Setup does not hold after reboot or adding an update. I had set up the screen saver (WDisplay) but have now disabled it since the data displayed does not Wordwrap making it difficult to read…

It would be nice to have a optional function that would allow the displayed data to float or banner on a moving single line (indexing) 8O other than filling the screen.

I really like the WD data/Screen Saver idea.

i have found the bug with the disabled not being ticked…for the next version

i will see what i can do about your idea sometime this week

Thanks Brian. Love the program and all the nice additions…

Just noticed that Graph Set Up/Plot indoor Temp/Hum has the same problem. But the next level down - Plot Thick Lines maintains the Yes/No check.