Saratoga Template - wrong date year problem

I have been trying to get the Saratoga scripts to run with my weather station. I think I’m almost there now but I cannot get it to show the correct day/year at the top of the page. It keeps showing it as 01/01/1970.

I am running it alongside my existing WDL install. The testtags.php show the correct date.

I can’t think of anywhere else to look… any clues?


Your clientraw.txt file is in /weather-data directory and not in the /weather-mobile, try to change the path of the clientraw.txt in the settings.php file, or upload the file to the right folder.

Looks like the testtags file is a very old version, and there are two of them in weather-mobile and weather-data.

weather-mobile - has the Saratoga files
weather-data - has the live WDL files needed for the main page and that is where the testtags.php is being uploaded to

Still seeing 01/01/1970 as the year… problem with gizmo_fixup_date function?

try to change the path of the clientraw.txt in the settings.php
The file in weather-mobile points to the live clientraw.txt in weather-data and the Saratoga page does load the correct and display the correct temps etc.
$SITE[‘clientrawfile’] = ‘…/weather-data/clientraw.txt’; // directory and name of Weather-Display realtime.txt file

“Looks like the testtags file is a very old version”
the weather-data/testtags.php is the one being uploaded every few mins. I have removed the one in weather-mobile now.

The weather-data/testtags.php?sce=view shows

$time =  '02:50 AM';	// current time
$date =  '10/19/13';	// current date

from Weather-Display, but your Settings.php says

$SITE['WDdateMDY'] = false; // for weather software date format of month/day/year.  =false for day/month/year

You’ll need to change the latter to =true; to match what WD is using for the date as mm/dd/yyyy

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Ahhhh thanks. I thought that setting was for the MDY format rather than DMY format. That looks ok now.