saratoga script website problem

after restoring my site from backup i am experiencing two issues.

  1. the font on the home page,cell page, forecast pages, and usa/state extremes has increased in size.
    what would i need to modify to return the font to a normal smaller size?

  2. the thermometer is not displaying on home or cell page.
    i have uploaded a fresh copy of thermometer.php but still nothing.


finally found the problem.
when i restored the site, somehow an “e” appeared on the settings.php page just before the
intial <?php.
this skewed the display and changed the font in many places on the site.
still can’t figure out where the < at the top left of the main page comes from.
but i can live with that.

that little “e” also disable the thermometer on the main and cell page.

one little letter #-o

Look at your code. You have an extra “<” in front of the code line. Thus, causing the < to show on the webpage.

are you referring to header.php?

Quote from: lstrip on August 25, 2018, 10:36:10 AM

are you referring to header.php?

I’d check the index.php file first. Look for the and then see if you can find the extra “<” just ahead of it.

checked wxindex.php.
no extra <


Thanks Ken,
been searching for that for awhile!

back again.
i see where it generates on server at testtags.php
can’t find it on c:wdisplay/testtags.txt

Look around (above) the line in testtags.txt that has $weathercond for a misplaced <

Or attach your testtags.txt to a post and we’ll take a look.

thanks niko
i searched with no luck. here is my testtags.txt

testtags.txt (39.7 KB)

That matches exactly the testtags.txt in the WD download package. Something strange because it’s not displaying correctly, I mean yours looks like but it should look similar to Ken’s :?

not sure what would cause that.

Unfortunately Ken is away and the other experts too. Let’s try this, can you download the testtags.php from your website, rename it as testtags.php.txt and attach it to a post?