Saratoga advforecast2.php problem

While attempting to setup forecast-compare-include script WXSIM vs NWS, I noticed my main page had the NWS forecast for Saratoga CA. I thpught this was configured in the template settings, my setting was ok there. Next I checked the advforecast2.php script and it did indeed have the original NOAA code (advforecast2.php)
So I changed that and uploaded, stlll geting the Saratoga NWS forecast, what did I miss.

The advforecast2.php script uses the Settings.php values only when it is included in a template page. Since you’re using the script inside the forecast-compare script, the settings for your point-printable URL and zone need to be in the advforecast2.php script itself.

Try using ?force=1 after you’ve configured advforecast2.php, and you should see your local forecast instead of the Saratoga forecast … you’re probably just looking at the cached version (which has a 30 minute lifespan).

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Thanks Ken,
I had never changed the advforecast2.php script. I thought it only needed to be in settings… :frowning:

Correct, no customization needed IF included in a wx…php page, otherwise, the internal settings in advforecast2.php are used. Same result for any of the support scripts supplied with the template sets.

Using version 3.08.

Up until recently, this script worked beautifully. OBVIOUSLY the NWS changed something again…
From what I can tell the only thing changed has been their icons,

I still get the text forecast and the icons but the temperatures now comes in as ‘N/A’.

Any ideas how to resolve this?

It’s caused my a change in the Zone forecast wording by the NWS. I’ll release a fix tommorrow. It only happens when the point-printable forecast is not available so the Zone forecast is used instead.

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Excellent as always Ken.

Will Look forward to the fix. Will you post it here?

Sorry, it took longer than I’d anticipated – the NWS did some major rewrites to the text forecast used in the Zone forecast (the Zone forecast is used when the point-printable forecast is not available).

advforecast2.php V3.09 - 28-Jun-2013 is now ready.

Template users: use the update tool for Base-USA, Plugin-*, 28-Jun-2013 query

Standalone users: use the download on the script page

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Thanks, Ken! I was able to update my modified advforecast2.php to the new version, and all is well. Much appreciated.

As always, Ken… You 'da man!

The new update resolved my “no temperature” issue and now all is well. :greenjumpers: