Running 2nd copy of WD on same computer

I upgraded my weather station about 6 months ago from a LaCrosse 3600 to Vantage Pro2. The VP2 is great and I had no problems changing over WD to accomodate it. However my venerable 3600 continues to function and I installed it in another slightly different location. I will keep it running until it goes to weather station heaven.

I have been running it using Heavy Weather Pro until now, but this program is crap compared to WD. So I am asking if I can have a second instance of WD running on my weather computer to handle the old Lacrosse station. CAn this be done without licensing issues?

I have found some very old threads on this, but they dont give any clear direction as to how this may be done.

Comments from anyone?



install to a new directory
then create a file there called 2wd.txt
then it should start up like new in that directory

you should be able to use the same registration code


I tried that - no joy. On start up came up with the nag screen, and when I go into register wont accept my code. Isnt there some procedure similar to transferring over to a new computer which would do the job? This isnt life or death to me, but would be nice if I can set it up.




Make sure you have the 2wd.txt (and make sure it isn’t named 2wd.txt.txt which windows will do if you don’t have known file extensions set to show) installed in your main WD Directory for the 2nd installation.



I have always had my comp set to show file extensions, so the 2wd.txt file was ok. So let me get this straight, I set up a new directory which I called 2WD. then I created a blank 2wd.txt file via Notepad and placed it in the new 2WD directory, then I installed a new copy of WD to this directory and executed the .exe file. It installed and gave me the nag screen, which showed a text string to be emailed back, I ignored that and put in the code for my existing
installation. It wouldnt accept this and register the second copy. So the 2nd WD shows as a Trial version.

At this point I shut it down. Incidently, I had a look at the 2wd.txt file at this point - there is nothing in it - should there be?



Anyone with any further ideas before I give up on this one?



Yes the 2WD.txt file should be empty, it probably doesn’t matter if there is something in it, just that it exists should be fine. Use that code WD spits out and send to Windy, and get on with it, he may share something else to check or do. info @

email me for the new code to register the 2nd version


Thanks for the help on this. Brian has fixed this for me and I am in business!! :smiley:

Grateful as always for the help.