Run a watch?

what is the run a watch for?

I just had an interesting experience. I checked yes and had 4 WD’s in succession open up. Almost like one of those Sourcers Apprentice things . :oops: I had to do a major find the switch in each program and turn it back off.

So, what does it do , other than make the moment more interesting???

its supposed to start up wd if it has stopped (crashed)
but i didnt actualy get around to testing…but i knew you would find it ardvark, lol

Brian, can you perfect the watch-guard option to reeboot sistem in force mode if the ftp connection are stopped,or system are crashed ?

You should insert an option to reboot sistem after xx minutes of ftp blocked connection? (xx customizable), WD crashed etc…



there is a limit the number of failed ftp attempts…i could hook a pc reboot to that…
but i also now have where you can force a ftp disconnect at a certain time, in the connections setup…and that does (for me) reset a bunged dial up modem connection (which happens!)

Ok but let (ever) the possibility to customize it


i have tested and fixed the watch program (which now shows down by the clock (right mouse click and select exit to close when you want to stop wd)
and , under connections in the ftp setup, there is a new option to reboot the pc once the limit number of failed ftp attempts is reached…in vers 9.83a uploading now