RSS feed in forum does not show

if windy gives a reply, why is it like this?
will be nice if we can see all reply’s too.
best regards

firefox does not show me the rss/xml option on this forum, in the taskbar> i believe you miss one small code in the website> to show this option.

Sorry…I’m not sure where you think the RSS/XML feed is missing from or which taskbar you’re referring to. Maybe it’s a new feature of Firefox that I’m not familiar with?

The RSS feeds works fine for me in firefox (version 1.0) … :?

hi > i do not say that the rss feed does not work > but if you go here
look in the down right corner of your browser (i use firevfox 1.0) you will notice a small orange icon.
that a shows the user that this page have a RSS or XML feed.
on this board here > it does not pop up and as i know > you need to put something in the header of the page.
but i know only how to do that on a phpbb board :?

but just check it out for this board > i’m sure there is a mod out there.

I see what you mean now. Which RSS feed would the icon display though? There are a variety of different ways to get an RSS feed out of the forum. For example, each board has it’s own feed and you can choose which RSS format you want (RSS 2 or 0.9). It would need dozens of icons to display all the options!

Hi Chris
not as i’m aware of > you properly will get a scroll out window, to select from.
but i want burn my fingers for that one :lol:

been just a idee, as it will show new users, what this board have to offer.

but that it does not show a reply, is something else…you do not like this?
will help to follow up the board in a better manner, i believe.
best regards

just see this :

Open overall_header.tpl and put this anywhere in the page section:

<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="[Insert board title here]" href="" />

please note> thats for a phpbb forum, and change the rss.php url in href=“”.

perhaps it works and you can see> how, the icon will look like :wink:


There has been a recent suggestion on how to add RSS feed info to the forum software. I’ll look at it this evening if I get a chance.

Can you let me know what URL you’re using when replies don’t appear. They’ve certainly been visible when I’ve tested RSS, but I don’t use it on a regular basis, so it’s possible that something has broken since I last used it.

hi Chris,nnn/sa,news/type,rss/action,.xml/limit,10.html is the link for my feed.
hope it helps.

OK. I see a number of problems with that URL.

  1. You don’t need the ‘.html’ on the end of it. This seems to be added to the URL when you copy it out of the Announcements board. This might not cause a problem, but it’s not required.

  2. ‘/board,nnn’ doesn’t mean anything and should be removed. If you leave this out, you get posts for all the boards in the forum. If you’re interested in posts from just one board, then you should add something like ‘board=2’. ‘board=nnn’ was just a way of me saying put a board number (nnn) on the end of ‘board=’.

  3. Replace ‘sa,news’ with ‘sa,recent’. The news option only returns posts that are:

    • the first post in their topic.
    • on an announcement board OR in the specified board.
    • visible to this user.
    • are actually the latest posts.

The recent option simply returns the latest posts.

If you make these changes, you should see all the posts.

You should also now see the forum RSS feed icon in FF :smiley:

Just found it, subscribed and it works just fine using Firefox 1.0.

Chris thank you, now i can see them !

and nice little icon in the corner> great that it pops up.

works here too!
i wondered what that new fangled thing was in the corner of FF!