RPi consolewd - sunshine hours

Does RPi consolewd track sunshine hours. It’s zero in my clientrawextra (position 696) even though it’s a sunny day but maybe it’s not a value that’s calculated in the Pi version?

it should be , when the solar % is above a certain % (75)
you should see the
Max solar %
value every minute in the log

The monthly log file in logfiles, e.g 52020lg.txt? If so there’s no solar data and no max solar data in my file. The columns I have are…

day month year hour minute temperature humidity dewpoint barometer windspeed gustspeed direction rainlastmin dailyrain monthlyrain yearlyrain heatindex

i mean in the terminal window

Ahhh, I run consolewd in the background so I don’t see the info scrolling by. If it’s sunny tomorrow I’ll run in the foreground to see what I can see.

I can see Max Solar % now. However, the max solar value (W/m2) isn’t behaving as I’d expect. Here’s what it’s doing…

09:00 - 862W/m2
09:30 - 798W/m2
09:40 - 770W/m2
09:47 - 753W/m2

Shouldn’t it rise sunrise until solar noon and then drop again until sunset. Solar noon here is 12:56 today so we’re still 3 hours until then. Is there something wrong with the max solar calculation or am I misunderstanding the solar radiance value?

It looks like sunshine hours isn’t being calculated. With the problem with the max solar value my actual W/m2 has been well over 100% for some time now but I don’t have any sunshine hours yet.

i lost the improvements/fixes to the max solar code I had made
(i over wrote the source code with an older one)
silly me
I will do some experimenting/testing here today
(especially now that I have consolewd working with my davis weather link live)

Thanks Brian. It’s dark here now. Maybe we need a darkness measurement and darkness hours adding? :wink:

i fixed it (there was one more 1 line of code that I needed to change that I forgot from the original fix)
use the latest update, 19.9

There’s still a problem. With v19.9 max solar value is stuck at 0.0. My sensor is showing 260W/m2 at approx 08:00 so max solar shouldn’t still be zero. As a result Max solar % is pegged at 100% (should probably be infinity!)

I just noticed a new 19.9 compiled this morning so I’ve just upgraded to that version. The Max solar is no longer stuck at zero, but it now seems a lot too high for this early in the morning. I’m getting a max of 972W/m2. I think that should be nearer 340W/m2 at the moment. My sensor is in full sun and reading 295W/m2 so I think 340W/m2 is closer that 972W/m2.

I also note that the max solar value isn’t changing. It’s been 972W/m2 for the last 10 minutes. I think it should have increased by about 30W/m2 over that period.

Edit: The value is slowly reducing. After about 25 minutes it’s down to 970W/m2. I’m wondering whether it’s following the same rate of change as yesterday? I felt that maybe it was either getting the time or the time zone wrong. If I was seeing these values in about 4-5 hours time (around solar noon) they’d be about right.

I suspect you might have the time zone set wrong in the config.txt maybe?

what do you have set for timezone=

Wunderground timezone=-5    // e.g 12 for 12 hours ahead of GMT, -12 for - 12 h$
timezone=0      (to change the local PC hour used)offset

Interestingly Wunderground timezone is -5 which might account for the difference? I don’t use Wunderground so I didn’t set that value.

As an experiment I tried also setting the Wunderground timezone to 0. Max solar is still reducing when it should be increasing towards solar noon.

I will do more testing here to see what happens for my time zone

Thanks Brian. We’re evening now. Actual reading is down to 60-70W/m2 by consolewd is calculating the max value as zero so it does seem to be calculating some time ahed of actual time.

I did find one mistake which I have fixed
its increasing as expected here as the day starts
I do have the declanation (decl) in the debug info
that should start off high and then slowly decrease

I’ll get that installed. There’s supposed to be some sun here tomorrow.

still working as expected here
(I have my time zone set as 12 in config.txt)