RiverCityWeather.Net is Shutting Down

It has been a fun run for close to 10 years, but it’s time for me to shut this down. Thanks to all who helped by donating scripts, brain power, software, etc. I will miss my users and friends, I was averaging over 7000 unique visitors a month during the FL summer / tropic activity months and using over 150Gb bandwidth a month. Not bad, but it also got expensive!

Anyway, I need to take the time and money that was going into keeping the site going and give it back to my family. I’ll check in from time to time here and anyone that wants to can PM me.

Thanks everyone, God Bless & Take Care!


Sorry to see you leaving the ranks, but hope you enjoy the extra time and money :slight_smile:


wow, 10 years goes fast…hopefully it was fun while it lasted!