Reverse engineering La Crosse anemometer serial protocol

Has anyone has managed to reverse engineer the serial protocol used by the La Crosse anemometers? I’m referring here to the connection between the anemometer and the wireless transmitter unit, NOT the computer connection to the base station. The reason I want to access the data at this point is that the anemometer transmits wind speed data to the wireless transmitter every couple of seconds but the base station only transmits data to the computer every 32s and I wish to log more rapidly than this.

From looking at the 4 wires emerging from the anemometer I have deduced that one is power (~2.4V), one is ground, one is serial data (seems to be about 32 bits with the first 8 bits relating to the wind direction) and the last seems to always sit at 0 volts.

i recommend getting a vortex anenometer and using that…will give every 1 second updates

If the anemometer uses a slotted wheel with a LED/photo-diode, then the remaining 24 bits could be the slot count in the sample period. However, 24 bits sounds like a lot of range unless the slotted wheel has a huge number of slots.

I’d go with what Brian says and add a Vortex anemometer and leave the standard unit in place for direction only.