Resolved: rain conditions not triggered by leaf anymore


since I migrated to Win10 shortly, I noticed leaf wetness is not triggering to report rain condition anymore.
I have to say, WD update was from a rather old version to Vers 10.37S b118.

Icon rain appears only if the 1st bucket tip is registrated.

These are my unchanged settings:


  • Use leaf wetness froom Davis VP//Grow station to set rain icon
  • 1 leaf wetness to set light rain [<=5]
  • 3 leaf wetness to set moderate rain [<=5]


  • Use above 5
  • Ignor if dewpoint close to temperature

Thanks for supporting!

resolved by adjusting setting “check back minutes” for stopped raining and recent rain.

nothing has changed in the code for this function
it should be working
you could always test an older version

Brian, I wont opend a thread if there is no issue :oops:
I was using Vers 10.35 (a really rather old one) before migrating and updating to 10.37S b118.

Same settings as described and vers 10.35 was working as follows:
rain icon was set as per set values for light (1) or moderate (3) rain always stand-alone from a bucket tip (at beginning and within a running rain periode)

Version 10.37S b118
rain icon is set by first tip of the rain bucket only!

So there is something different of these two versions (maybe caused by that possibility for use only above value 5, which was not given in the old version?)

I also found a similar thread in 2017.

You worked on that in 2012 and got it running as expected (see:!
Using a version of that year wont be a solution.

So I deeply ask you to have a look in to get it working as mentioned and in the past.

Thanks for your support!