Resetting erroneous rain gauge readings

Ooop’s, Ooops again. I installed a 12 volt lightbulb in my rain gauge to melt snow so I can measure it. In the process, I inadvertanly tripped the bucket several times. I had tallied up about half an inch of rain before I was finished. I tried correcting this info, but it keeps resetting to the erroneous rainfall value. I thought I was in the right place to correct it. I clicked on the rainfall display on the main page; a window pops up that gives you the option to correct/reset the values. The correction on the daily value worked, but the monthly value kept reverting to the erroneous value. Any tips on what I’m doing wrong. Do I have to wait until the end of the month to reset it?

Thanks for any help.

Try this…

On the “View → Show Averages/Extremes for Month” menu, click on the “Correct the Data” menu. Let the log file load (could be a while depending on day of month), go to the erroneous line(s), and correct the database in the “Select line” window and save changes. The easiest way to fix daily totals is to fix the last line in the log for that day (too tough to correct EVERY 24hr precip row for that day), same for monthly totals.