req: display message if clientraw isn't updating


Today my WD PC lost it’s network due to a lightning strike and therefore can not feed WDL at the moment.

It took me a long time to notice that and saw it first this evening that it had stopped this afternoon since it was displaying 16% sunshine well after sunset :wink:

Could we please get a “thing” in WDL that will show like a red light with text that it havent been getting data since xx:yy time ??

Because I suspect many doesn’t really look at the time/date very carefully and if the feed has stopped it will display very wrong data.
Basically, it would be way better to have WDL detect that the clientraw.txt file hasn’t been updated for xx minutes and automatically display that fact, rather than me having to edit the page and telling people that “what you see is wrong due to an error with the data feed”

set clientrawupdateerror = 10 minutes (for example)

I hope I made sence here …

I’m no opposed to that as a new additon, but you already have the date and time that the last update took place on the screen in most of the normal default example configurations.

Not as glaringly obvious, but the info is still there.

The problem is that WDL is client side so doesn’t know what your timezone is. It can only compare with the local time which may or may not be in the same timezone. It would work for your timezone but not for anyone elses.


Is there any way it can recognize that the time in the clientraw hasn’t changed after a period, rather than looking at the absolute time?

Yes you can tell if no updates had happened over a certain length of time, if you had it open in your browser for that whole period of time. But who is going to look at WDL for 5 minutes if nothing is happening?


Can WDL determine that the clientraw has stopped updating?

I agree it would be nice if WDL displayed a warning if the input data is stale…or stalled…

Well, my WDL is updating every 4 seconds.

What if I told wdl that if it hasn’t updated in 12 seconds it should display a warning that the data might feed have stopped … ?
That would probably be quick enough for people to see there is a problem.

For people updating every minute or more it wouldent help though…

my other own site is on dial up…and sometimes it loses the internet connection, and can take until the next web update by wd to get a new dial up session started,…which could be 10 minutes away…just one case…where it will start again…

Thats why I think just a indicator that the data is not up-to-date might be a good thing. Maybe just replace the date/time with a “No Good Data” or some such would suffice. Just something to indicate that the data is old or stale and not currently updating…

But going back to Julian’s point, with different time zones how does WDL know that the data is stale?

julian should be able to maybe keep a counter going…when a new data is available (wdl already has a different colour LED for when new data), and another counter that increases with each client raw read…when the 2 counters get too much apart (i.e one is not increases anymore), then bingo…maybe that way julian?
(no rush though, I am sure you are throwing your hands up in the air with what is going on in another thread, LOL ( i can just see you now…take some deep breaths…go for a walk…)

I could only do it by WDL running for a certain length of time without an update. Norcal Dan’s idea of replacing the date time with ‘no data’ after a few minutes would be a fairly easy option but it does assume users would wait for that length of time with nothing happening before displaying a warning.

Just had another thought - WDL could count the number of failed attempted refreshes - if more than say 10 in a row occurred a warning could be displayed.


[quote author=windy link=topic=8936.msg63319#msg63319 date=1115412936]
(no rush though, I am sure you are throwing your hands up in the air

I would send you a bottle of real Californian, but that’s probably illegal…

Would be perfect for what I had in mind :slight_smile:
Even better if we could chose the number of failed refreshes, since my connections are usually rock stable and 3 failed refreshes would indicate a real problem, so it would be nice to be able to set that one in the xml config :slight_smile:

It does sound illegal…you’d probably have to kill him to get him in the bottle!

Now added for next release.


U the man! :slight_smile:

Thank you