Repost: New Icons to play with...

I’ve basically taken Ian’s icons and expanded on them…


The icons are all based on real weather photos (example below).

I have put some new icons together for anyone to use.

Comments obviously welcome

I just fancied a change in preparation of my Davis VP arriving :smiley:

All the best

Ian D


Very nice looking.

Yes. I liked them so much, I grabbed a copy and then forgot where I got them. But I finally rememberd.

Now Brian has created the need for three more icons, lightrain, stopped raining, and windy rain

So everyone get busy… :smiley:

i like them very much too!
I loaded them up into wd , as a test…they look very nice!

Well thanks guys.

Windy rain? Oh, that’s a challenge… I’ll see what I can find.

Here’s a preview. I’ll see what I can come up with for the others.


Zip file updated… sorry, I used “showers” for “light rain” (does anybody know the technical difference, if any?)

What can I say? It’s football night.

Also below:




Shower(s): Precipitation characterized by the suddenness with which they start and stop, by the rapid changes of intensity, and usually by rapid changes in the appearance of the sky
light. From scattered drops that, regardless of duration, do not completely wet an exposed surface up to a condition where individual drops are easily seen.

what about an idea
if its ok with you carterlake, i make your icons the default ones?
and or combine them with the best of what others have in use too (john from the uk had some good ones too)
maybe a poll?

It’s all free to a good home. I suggest a poll since there are a number of sets out there now.

I must be losing it because I DID update “showers” with a new graphic and don’t even remember doing it.

Just one observation before considering making the icons the default…
I’ve been using them and I really like them.
One little problem I have is that when they are used in my forecast5day, the text seems to get pixelated. Maybe it has something to do with my monitor - don’t know.

Please take a look at my page - scroll down to the 5 day forecast and see it the text under the icons looks ok to you.

Using FF or MSIE they don’t look good.

The text doesn’t look good because the images are being re-sized to fit the 5 day forecast image. I assume that putting them in as full size would make the 5 day forecast image too big.

They’re excellent - keep up the great work !!

BTW - A question for Windy :- Why is sunset bigger than stopped raining … ? (in any case it should say mostly cloudy !


thats ok now in a new 10.19s

for a while now I have noticed that the sunrise icon does not appear in the summary image - it hides behind whatever daytime weather icon is set at that time. With these new icons - does this still happen or has it been recitifed?


I voted 3 mainly because I use and like the icons supplied by krelvinaz (TNET)

if you already have set to use other icons rather than the default, then that will not change in wd

if you already have set to use other icons rather than the default, then that will not change in wd

Yep thats fine. Just thought I would put in a plug for this set of icons while I was voting. :smiley:

not many votes total yet…

Decided I prefer the WD icons over the other sets. The ones I have came with a TNET graphic or some such, not sure who made them. If there are others I will take a look at them when I have some time…