Reports have stopped

my reports such as dailyreport.htm, noaa and march2003 have stopped updating as of the 26th. The report.txt looks fine. the 32003 logfile has data to the moment.
March2003.htm stopped updating on the 21st.

has anyone had this happen?

wd most likely has an error, reported under view, program error log, when it does the averages/extreme routine each day
try action, update averages/extreme to see
if so, then you must have some bad data
try the action, import log files,convert wd log files to graphs, and choose 32003lg.txt and click on convert
if that fails, then zip and email me

Still isn’t forming those updates. I also noticed that when try from action - update averages etc. it does nothing again.

Didn’t I have this before from a corrupted file or something ???