Replacing Default WD Webpage

It’s been a long time since I worked on webpages and have decided I want to replace the default generated webpage from WD with something simple and easy to maintain. Is there a package available that is clientraw driven? The only output from WD to the website should be the clientraw files.

I might have a couple static images on the page and my webcam image, but other than that I want all text/table data, ie. no graphics. A URL to an actual page would be great so. So is there something like this available? FWIW, I could use WDL but am looking for a free solution. TIA.

I suggest Ken’s at php Carterlake with Ajax I am using them now.

How about Broadstairs php dashboard project?

The thing is with this, one its no where near ready for the world yet - fine if you feel happy playing with php/html etc, and two it does require a customclientraw file as well as the normal ones.


All great ideas. I used to have a single page weather flyer page, no links, just a one page shows all info. Is there anything like that with ajax for updating the values?

Well almost there…installed the one page ajax carterlake template. Works good except the Mac version does not have the noaa warnings hooked up. Drats, getting a lot of wind here today and wanted to test that…if it ain’t one thing it’s another…

test page:

A very good first effort Dan - then to just add the webcam perhaps… :slight_smile:

Hmmm, everyone is doing it - time to get the ball rolling (well overdue mind you…)


now put in say the screen shot image underneath the forecast info?

If you want any of the 16 carter lake styles I made you can install one:
I have a style selector like on the Ken True templates

all the styles are in this zip file:

You do not have to insta the selector and all 16, you can just pick one and load it with a css include tag.

I tried installing just one by copying the code over but as you can see it really messes up with the moon image section. Not sure how I messed the thing up. Think I need another cup of coffee…

I am willing to help, the link you posted is gone?

Well I decided to try a different package and just trying to figure out whats wrong now…

Here’s the link if anyone wants to help…

the rss-advisory.php and wxforecast.php files are missing, did you upload all the files?
a few other images and files are missing causing errors on some pages

Have you set the correct path to clientraw.txt in Settings.php and ajaxWDwx.js
looks like it would be …/clientraw.txt

Your server does not automatically write new files, you will have to make your cache files and upload them and probably CHMOD them 755
rss-advisory-NVZ003.txt and forecast.txt

Yes, I have been adding missing files as I find things broke. The clientraw settings do not seem to work no matter what I put in the config. Right now I have …/clientraw.txt in the config but I have tried every combination I could think of including full path names. I’m not even sure where it’s getting the data it’s displaying now from…

Not sure what to do about the cache problem…guess I will stare at it awhile and see if it hits me…

Thanks for your help.

If you tell us the clientraw location we may be able to help you figure it out.

the dashboard is showing values from testtags.php

…/clientraw.txt in the config is correct now, that is why the thermometer started working

upload two blank txt files named
rss-advisory-NVZ003.txt and forecast.txt
CHMOD them 755

also acwd/ajax/ajaxWDwx.js was not found on this server.
you need to upload it then the dashboard ajax will start working

Ok, did those items.

Any idea why the radar map says Verdi but is centered on Saratoga?

Still fighting the forecast, the point-printable works…

add: Hmm, seems there is a delay before things start working. Hopefully once it all syncs up new visitors will get the data straight away…

I think it’s all working, please let me know if you spot anything…and if you know why the radar isn’t working correctly.

rss-advisory-NVZ003.txt and forecast.txt
You still need to CHMOD them 755, did you do that?

also you need to upload a empty uv-forecast.txt file and CHMOD it to 755

There is a radar map centering procedure instruction page here:

The final part of the setup is to discover and store the relative position information for the red dot (

That was my fault, I chmod’d them after I created them thinking filezilla would retain the settings, but found out different. I have set the permissions on the server now. Also added the uv text file.

Will work on the radar now…I had no idea it required all that to center the thing…

Your 80% there just a few more tweaks and editing you will get there