Replace the potentiometer of a 6410 "hall" new version?

Hello all,
as anyone already had the technical experience of changing the 20K potentiometer of a 6410 new “hall” version ?
it seems there is no way to do it at least haven’t found a way to take it apart yet
the potting compound used is incredibly difficult to remove cleanly (rubbery) and stuck to the circuit board
If anyone knows how to remove the pot thanks in advance :)- BR

go on the web and type how to take apart davis anemometer.

:grin: Google is indeed my friend
I have my classics but it’s for the old model
example here

in this case it is the new “hall” version
and yes on the old models we could change this potentiometer… but with the hall effect models I think I know “impossible”
I have had the fixed direction to the North for several weeks
so for a hs weathervane I have to change the anemo/weathervane assembly there is a photo as they say

Any chance parts from a Vue anemometer would be compatible?