Registration Lost - WxSim is diverting to Atlanta - No Backup of original Files

Tom, It seems that I have lost my registration in WxSim . WxSim is diverting to Atlanta. Unfortunately I do not have any backup of the original files that you sent when I purchased your program. I’m hoping that you can resend me the setup files. Both WxSim and WRET show Atlanta.

Thank you.

Jeff Baldwin

You’re probably better mailing Tom directly about this - [email protected]

He does use the forum but not as often as he checks his mail.

Thank you. I did and he hasn’t responded. Busy time at school …

I’ve been in contact with Tom. He says he’s replied to all the emails he’s seen as of today. He’s going to check his spam folder to make sure there aren’t any that have gone astray.

A few minutes ago I heard from Tom. He sent me the files. I just realized that WxSim and Wxsimate have different registration numbers. I was missing the Wxsimate registration number. All good now. Running great once again. I saved the configuration files that he sent me in a special WxSim folder so that I have them in the future.

Thanks for your support!

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