Registered copy not working

I made a post in the questions forum earlier and solved my problem and the evaluation copy was working. After registering and entering the serial number in the wdcofig.xml file and uploading it to my server, I get a “Error Loading Configuration” message.

Can someone look at it to see if they notice a problem.


I get “serial number error”

That is what I get when I go too, sorry.

Using notepad I changed the word “evaluation” with the serial number and uploaded it to the server.

I was getting the configuration error when I checked

More troubleshooting.

Possibly the Serial Number hasn’t been setup on the server yet?

The config looks right to me.


I don’t know. I purchased the number and was emailed with it right away. I replaced the word “evaluation” with the number using notepad and then uploaded the new file to my server.

I didn’t miss anything did I?

When I go back and replace the serial number with “evaluation” it works in that mode but not the registered mode.

That pretty well spells that the problem is with the serial number of some sort…

I would just wait a bit and see when Julian pops by, probably will be able to figure out what is going on in pretty short order then.


WDL serial numbers aren’t set up on a server.

Make sure the URL you gave Julian when requesting the serial number is the URL that you’re using to access WDL. For example, if you registered ‘’ then you will get a serial number error if you access WDL using ‘’.

I have emailed dfuzz about this.


Thanks Julian.

All is well now. Working fine!

For some strange reason I cannot view it on Firefox but that has to be something wrong on my end. I can view other peoples WDl but not mine?

Now it started working…

Looks good from my end :slight_smile: