You asked for tweeks, refinments, etc.

  1. the install program still does not work… if you tick (check) the boxes for desktop icons etc they are placed on your desktop, if you don’t tick (check) them they are made also.

  2. several have talked about clutter… on main page graphs - if only one “Time (Hour of Day” is used the temp graph could be made taller for a greater listing of data.
    a. if all of the main page graph text was removed and placed in a pop-up ledgend of some type the entire page could be enlarged for greater graph sizes with less clutter… those of us that use wd all the time dont need those designations and the new wd users could refer to the pop-up ledgend until they were familiar with the program.

Thanks for all your efforts and I appreciate you asking.

the bug with the installer is bit beyond my control, but i see there is a new verison of the installer program i could try…

the idea of adding a bit more room to the temp plot by removing the bottom time numbers is a good one
i will try and do that

Are we going to loose sunrise and sunset? I hope not.

NO sunrise or sunset??? Gee give the Iowa Farmers Daylight savings time and they complain that the extra hour of sunlight burns up the corn, now no sunrise or sunset!!! :lol:

Better dodge that flying cow chip now!! :stuck_out_tongue: