Recreating my website

After a problem with my operating system, Windows 7, I had to start from scratch and set up my WD website using Weather Website Ajax PHP templates. Although I thought I remembered how I had done it before, something is wrong. I keep getting an error “Note: ajax-dashboard not included since weather station not yet specified.” Not sure where I need to go from here.

Thanks in advance.


I figure it would help to show the link to the website.

Hi Bill, did you download and setup the WD plug-in package from Ken’s site? This is something new for Ken’s template set that allows users of other software to benefit from his templates.

I’m not sure where to put the plugin, if you need to remove it from it’s directory or not.

Hi Bill, they should go in the same directory as your other files, so for example you will have two settings.php files - 1 will be Settings.php and the other would be Settings-weather.php, along with the other files in the WD plug-in folder

OK placed the plugin files in the remote directory. Still getting the error: Note: ajax-dashboard not included since weather station not yet specified.
I’m not getting where the weather station needs to be specified. All the files are uploading correctly and at the right times.

The settings for WD are here

Well, I finally got the homepage to work correctly. I needed to rename wxindex.php to index.php and upload index and flyout.xml to web. Some things still are not working correctly, but I want to thank you for your caring and help.


Im having the same issues with this.

I just threw out Windows 7 and installed WinXP instead. Im using Xampp and apache to run my own webserver.

Im getting the “Note: ajax-dashboard not included since weather station not yet specified.”

I have installed everything acording to the instructions on :

Im guessing Im missing somthing on point 7 on this:

I cant get it to work, does anyone know if theres a setting Im missing when getting the ajax-dashboard not included error message ?