Recording rainfall in Australia

As I understand it, in Australia rainfall is measured at 9am but recorded for the current day, not the previous day as in NZ
Is there any way this can be set up in WD

are you absolutely positive about that?
9am means the 24 hours rain to 9am, i.e most of that is from the day before
thats how it works in NZ
and that is how it works in australia too, so I have been told

Brian, the instructions that came with my manual rain gauge say to read at 9am & record for the current day in Aus & the previous day in NZ. I remember reading the same thing years ago & thinking it was a bit strange, does this mean we’re a bit backward over here? The only clear reference I can find doing a quick google is

thats only if you want to keep your rain date inline with midnight GMT
but why would you want to do that?
Synops do keep there rain totals in line with midnight GMT
but there is no requirement that for a personal weather station or anyone else that you have to stick to the requirements of a synop (which is a international standard weather report)

For rainfall in Australia its measured at 9am, for the previous 24 hours, the only difference between WD and BOM is the monthly and yearly totals, in which its is calculated the day before ( i.e. not the 1st of month at 9am )

Good luck

As has been mentioned, in Australia rainfall is recorded at 9 am against the current day. There is some limited info on this at the Bureau of Meteorology web site at the base of this page.

I have been wondering about this as well. I think it would be too difficult for Brian to tweak WD to accommodate this quirk, particularly as yesterday’s rain would become today’s and today’s would be tomorrow’s (if that makes sense :)). I imagine this would have implications in various screens throughout the software.

At this stage I am logging my data to a MySQL database. I may summarise the daily, monthly and yearly totals to be in line with the official Bureau method, but it’s not all that important IMHO.