Recording past rain records in WD?

Hi fron Morty. I hace received a loan of daily rain records from my neighbour asfar back as 1982. What is the best way to record these.? Can I just record Monthly totals or can I record daily totals? Do I have to put in yearly totals or does it add up by itself? I have started in rain to date chart but do I have to do anything with “Set start up totals” section? regards Morty.

its possible to get those daily totals to be abe top be viewed from under view, averages/extreme
what you would need to do is create the correctly named log file needed
and then for each day you will need to add a few lines of “dummy” data, but with the correct rain total, which is reset, and have the times /date set as just before your rain reset time (see in the units setup) and then just after, with the rain being zerod out for the day
i.e have a look at the current log file 82005lg.txt over the reset hour for rain (midnight or 9am) and replicate that (in say a text file called 72005lg.txt for july this year)