%recordhightemp% vs. %mrecordhightemp% vs

Newbie question. Tried to do a search but couldn’t find anything that answered this specific question.

Currently switching from VWS to WD because I had nothing but problems with VWS and Weatherlink on it’s own doesn’t provide enough data to suit me.

I’m building a custom xml file and I’m trying to figure out the real difference between %mrecordhightemp%, %monthtodatemaxtemp%, %recordhightemp%.
What I think is that %recordhightemp% is the all time record for all data collected and %mrecordhightemp% is the all time record for all data collected for that month over all data (ie comparing year to year) and %monthtodatemaxtemp% is the record for only the current month you are in.

Is this correct?

%monthtodatemaxtemp% uses the datafile, and so its based on the average 1 minute logged temperature, for the current month
%mrecordhightemp% is the actual instantenous recorded max temperature for the current month
and yes
%recordhightemp% is the all time max instantenous temperature (from when you start wd, or you can set that under action, enter your own all time records)

I did have it wrong then. The explanation helps but I’m still a little confused.

Are %mrecordhightemp% and %recordhightemp% stored somewhere other than the datafile? ie Am I going to lose the values over restarts and such?

%mrecordhightemp% is recorded in the wdisplay.ini file, the other in a datafile
but no you will not loose them after a restart or by downloading a new version