Recalculate Record Highs/Lows After Editing Log Files?


Occasionally I find that things will go haywire and Weather Display will record some really crazy values for a few minutes, such as a temperature of -77degC or a wind speed of 167kph. It doesn’t happen often, and when it does I can clean things up by going in and editing out the bad lines from the log files. So that’s not a big deal.

The only problem is that this leaves me with really silly values for ‘record low temperature’ or ‘record high wind gust.’

How does one instruct WD to go back through the logfiles and recalculate these record values after the bad values have been edited out?



try reseting those values under action, reset selected all time records
and then convert the logfile to data file (graph file), via action…

That solved my problem for an unusual 127.7 Km/h wind gust, thank for the tip.