Real time graph issues

First comment I would like to make is …Thanks Brian! You have been great in resolving the problems I had with WD and my WS-2310.
I am having some minor problems with the real time graphs, I am registering huge spikes with indoor temp and humidity, also my gusts are not registering accurately on the graph, I show gust spikes on my readings that are not registering on the graph. Also is there any way to decrease the time interval that WD recieves data from my sensors? The data send is set at 3 but sometimes it takes 10 or 15 seconds to register changes in wind speed.
Jon Paul :smiley:

i will put in some data quality checks for the indoor temp/hum

the real time graph grabs the current data at the specified time interval (set in the lower right hand corner)
decrase that number to make faster updating, increase that number to make the graph show a longer period of time…

windspeed updating:
with the ws2310, the data needs to be requested one at a time, and there is alot of towing and throwing to even get some data…
and then its only updated to the console at a certain rate
but you should, if all goes well, get 6 seconds update of the wind data

the heavy weather software i understand only updates the windspeed data every 30 seconds?

Thanks Brian,
Actually the update time for the Heavy Weather is 8 seconds, which is not bad unless you are trying to ride a bull! I will adjust the time on the graph and see if that helps. I timed WD this morning and I was getting around 6-to 8 second intervals on the wind speed, which is good enough for me…I beleive the tugging and pulling to get data is hardware not a software problem, yesterday, at times it took 30 seconds or more for a data update. You’ll have to forgive me, being very new at this I sometimes expect the impossible…or improbable.
Jon Paul