Real Time Graph Dew Point

Temperature here last night got cold enough to display a minor bug in WD. At aprox. 5:40:01 this morning, temperature went below zero. At that time the real time graph for dew point went from near the bottom of the screen to the top and dissapeared off scale. The values at the right hand side went from +0.2 deg F to 7864.1 deg F when temp dropped to 15.1 deg F. Except for a few minor switches back and forth from top to bottom while temperature stabilized, it remains at 7862.4 deg F at this time (7:45 am) with temp showing 14.2 deg F.

Main display is showing a more reasonable dewpoint of -1.9 deg F with temp of 14.2 deg F, Hum 48%, wet bulb 11.3 deg F.

Not a problem for me, as I mostly use real time graph in summer to watch indoor humidity trends, but I thought you would like to know.


oops forgot to mention, using WD version 9.33b.

decrease the minimum temperature scale, on the real time graph, bottom right hand corner…

Simple enough! Why didn’t I see that? Guess we do need that help system!!! :slight_smile: 'Course then I would have to learn to read. :slight_smile: