Real graph is no longer updating correctly

I upgraded to the latest version last night (ver 9.81) and cleared all the records from both the Real graph as well as the extra sensors Real graph an neither are functioning correctly. See attached real time graph. The solar sensor is no longer filling in either.

i think if you are more patient it will correct itself as the data gets added

Hum … Its 15 hours old how much more patient? This is labeled a real time graph LOL.

di dyou click on clear records>?

I’ll do it again and see what happens. I cleared both graphs records last night. Let me try again.

well, i did change the way it moves to the current records
it based on maximum number of records you have set

I looked this morning at 7 AM and the graph stopped updaing at 10 PM last night? I guess I’m rolling back and see if It fixes it. Funny the Extra sensors graph is working after a “clear”.

if you click on the > buttons down in the right hand corner, it will be OK…
so its just not scrolling forward when doing the web update
what do you have set as the maximum number of records

Theres an unmarked box with 5000 in it. Is this the number of records? If so it must have been larger at one time because this has always worked. Are these records cleared out each night? What is a good number?

thats the default max readings
i have stopped the description of that from being blanked out with the web upload now…

my real time graph just reset auto the other day, and its looking OK, but i will keep an eye on it

Brian - the box is not labeled from within WD. It doesn’t show up at all on the web page. Another check this morning and the real time graph is showing 10PM yesterday as the last update time. Also this is the only “view” I have to Weather-Display because it runs on a server in a closet with no monitor.

i think i know the solution

a new 9.81c should be OK

Thanks Brian, Its working again. Good work.