!Read This Everyone!

First of all, every software has problems,bugs,issues,etc.

I want to say many thanks to Brian for not letting me give up on MY issues with WD.
He has gone far and above the call of duty to help me resolve issues that could have been, and some probably were, hardware and system specific. He has emailed me more times than my mother in the past few weeks to give me that “personal attention” that I have seen nowhere else from someone, or business, selling software. He has pesonally made changes to the software to allow my system, and others, to run it more reliably. I would never change from WD now for these reasons listed above!

I remember one email to Brian a good while back when I was very frustrated with all the lock-ups/crashes telling him I was demo-ing the lates version of VWS to see if it also was having problems. I received a very quick and calm reply stating "Whatever is it, please let me try and fix it before you decide to go to VWS!. The end result is after working together directly,through email with Brian, WD has been up for countless hours now with no problems(other than some I have caused myself :frowning: )

Brian, I have told you before and I could never say it enough…Thanks for all of your help!

Lane Dortch
Lexington, S.C.

that makes me very happy to get a nice posting like that :smiley:
its like a rollercoaster ride this ‘hobby’ of mine
you get bad days, when people get real grumpy with you, and you get good days

I too am very pleased with the Weather Display software and attempt to push it every chance I get on the HomeSeer BB. Nice job Brian.

Brian also has given me such personal attention within the last couple of weeks, sometimes we were exchanging reply’s within a few minutes of each other. Nowhere have I ever gotten such personalized attention to problems with software. Brian is the greatest, and manages to keep a sense of humor too. What I said in another message that most likely got missed when the forum crashed
If he didn’t live half the world away, I’d pop over and buy him a drink at his local pub as a thank you.

Cheers back at ya Brian!

I agree that Brian has helped more than I thought could have been expected. As a newer user I appreciated the “personal” help getting started. Your hard work is appreciated, keep up the good job. :smiley:

As I said before, I agree. Brian has done a great job with a complex piece of software, dealing with a diverse set of sometimes quirky weather stations, Internet uploads and downloads, and tough screen graphics.
Which reminds me, I need to register the software. :oops:


I know of no other software that gets as constant and rapid a response as this software and author. I wish my software in other areas could be so good about this.

But also, I must add that the choice for this software is also based on the superior DISPLAY of graphs compared to other wx station software. Not mentioning brands, some well-known wx software has what I consider abyssmal graphs, at least as they show up on the net pages. The tags, and customization possibilities … well, thanks again Brian!

Weather Roanoke

Well, my site goes down for 15 days and all kinds of changes to WD!!!

Thanks to our wonderful people at Time-Warner Cable(IE, Roadrunner High-speed Internet) I had no internet access until a day or two ago. They still couldn’t find what was wrong so I layed down 75ft of low-loss coax across my front yard and installed 2 f-connectors, screwed it on the taps and TADAH!..Problem gone!

Brian, I exported all info during my down-time and setup WD on an older, but not too older, HP desktop 700mhz Celeron PC. The only problem is WD won’t let me into the webcam setup page and gives the A/V errors when i try to go in and chenge the cam setup. So, as you can tell, I can’t get in and change the webcam settings to the new webcam(it still thinks the creative cam is there, but its not). I also will be emailing you for the registration sometime next week :slight_smile:

Also, since WD was NOT running during the first of the month, will the monthly totals still reset? It looks like its is still calculating totals from October.

Take care all!!

Add me to the list of HAPPY AND LOYAL WD enthusiasts!!! I also agree that I have never seen such support & constant updates on any software application!!

Brian, hats off to you sir, for a great program and support that that is asoutley the best anywhere :!: :!: :!:

Bill Davis

thanks guys, its +ve feedback that keeps me going
i think i have the ws2000/la crosse log file problems 99% sorted out now too

reelhouse, tyr unticking restore settings on start up on the web cam direct capture setup page

Like most of us, I’ve also found Brian to be a super person when it comes to support! His product is great, but the support is even better.

My hat’s off to Brian :smiley:

Terry Brooks
Evansville, Indiana

I too want to thank Brian for his great program and even better support. I can’t think of any other software that is continually being upgrade at no cost. Thanks very much Brian
Tom Hackett
Sherman Ct.

terry, i have updated the free cleint viewer to not show the heat index if less than 17oC (i was using oF as the cut off, duh).

guys, thanks to you for putting up with me doing :
" I wonder what i put that line of code there for, I dont think its needed, I will delete it and no one will be the wiser"
then a flood of complaints that I broke something!
so, thanks to you guys for putting up with me

the program has been built up over 3 years from your guys wishes.
i am still to add trend comparison to last month, and same time last year etc that cyclone wanted, and a few other bugs in some log file conversion routines, and soil temp, etc, but getting there!
easy things I add right there and there, hard things i put off!
like graphing from any start to end point in the graph history: i am still to finish that!

As always all I can do is add to all the GREAT comments on WD. Brian has always gone out of his way to solve problems and make requested changes. It is such a GREAT product as such a reasonable price.

All I can say is keep up the GREAT work and THANKS.

:smiley: :slight_smile: :smiley:



I’m gonna bump my thread up more often!! What a great group of people

8O :stuck_out_tongue:

Couldn’t agree more. In my opinion weatherdisplay is the best weatherstation - software around if only for the incredible amount of support we get from Brian. There are only three other people in the weathersoftware -club who give comparable support : Tim Vasquez ( for DA and related software ) , another Brian :wink: for weathertool professional and Tom for his fantastic WXsim forecasting program . Check these out people ! They all have one thing in common : they are just as enthusiastic weather-buffs as we are so it’s all an extension of their hobby. In my opinion this is what makes them different from the guys who make , say , VWS …their main objective is to make a profit not to deliver the goods at a reasonabkle price ( $ 140 for VWS is WAY too much when compared to WD ). Thanks for all the support Brian…



I bumped this back up top so some of the “newbies” could read the thread.

[b]I want to personally thank you for all your hard work you have put in this year and for putting up with a hard head that often wants his way (that’s me :smiley: ). Do you have a paypal account that a Christmas gift could be sent to. Truly thanks a million and keep up the GREAT work. Take some time to relax because you have this Weather Display software running like a well oiled machine. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

:smilecolros: [/b]


Its been a year since choosing Weather Display as my weather software. Before deciding to go with WD, I tried two other vendor’s software and have found Weather Display to be a significant value far beyond any software available.

Every software application available to consumers has at least a few bugs. Look no further than Microsoft and all will agree with this statement. The difference with WD is your responsiveness in addressing our concerns in a personal manner. Your service in this area is unparalleled in my experience, bar none.

I monitor and participate in the WD Forum because I find the people here are genuinely friendly and ready to help each other. Sometimes, the tone gets a little terse. We all should remember Brian is a dedicated family man and has a huge responsibility in keeping his farm running smoothly.

We are fortunate to have you as Weather Display’s author and a friend. I am grateful for this.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Dave Helms

I have tried 4 other packages and each time returned to Weather Display. I cannot find anywhere something that has more features that are part of the package not an expensive add on.

Brian is probably ahead of his time in this field. I find myself checking several times a day to see what else has been added.

Best to you and yours for this and next years, The very best in health and happiness, may your life continue to be an inspiration to all of us out here in weather land.

ps. say hello to the cows too.