Read Davis Vantage Pro 2 ISS battery status

Has anyone been able to figure out how to read Davis Vantage Pro 2 ISS battery status?
I live far up north where batteries are heaviliy drained during winter time when sun is low and solar panel charging are almost none.
To get early warning about battery level would be quite useful. Then I could take action and replace battery before it is dead.

Without knowing what weather software you are using, if any. WD has a tag for that

Unfortunately, the status of the Davis battery cannot be read. Only devices from Oregon Scientific (WMR series).

You are using Weewx at your website and yes, that weather-program can also read and interpret that value.
Weewx documentation:

In addition to this example, the distribution also includes a low-battery alarm (, which is similar, except that it intercepts LOOP events (instead of archiving events).

You have to scan the documentation and find the name of that data field you have to add f.i. to realtime.txt or an extra_sensors.txt upload.
Than it is relative :thinking: easy to write a small few lines of PHP and insert that in the _my_settings/before.txt script. Your code should read the file, check the item and display a signal text only when the battery is low.
Multiple stations have done similar things.

If your Davis station store its data on you could fetch the data there also. There are “health-statyus” scripts about that, use Google search.

If your Davis uses a WLL device you can see the status in its app.


Thank you Wim,
I can see weewx documentation at weewx: Hardware Guide describes two tags related to battery - txBatteryStatus and consBatteryVoltage.
txBatteryStatus would be of most interest if it can report a reliable battery status.

I’m not in any way an experienced developer, actually quite rusty since I haven’t coded for almost 30 years. Sad, but true :frowning:

I’m wondering is there anyone following this forum that have a working code snippet that can be shared and which I can use as Wim describes?