Re: Ok, what's been going on here?

Actually I believe I followed a link from his site and downloaded the ones that were at Saratoga Weather. I believe I have the html/AJAX version because I’ve been editing the html and haven’t seen any php stuff.

I can edit php stuff, but not compose it unless I have examples to work off. Is there an advantage one way or the other?

Right now I know the AJAX stuff does not seem to be doing anything. Either I edited something I wasn’t supposed to (although I only edited the commented items) or I have to enable something in the webspace to allow it. The html files are being published to the same directory that clientraw exists in (which is on the server - not the windows machine that WD is running on).

Thanks for the help.

Hey, never mind. I was reading some other stuff in here and saw a reference to a couple of AJAX .js files. Sure enough they were in the distribution, but either I don’t recall the docs telling me to copy them into my web directory or it wasn’t there. I just ftp’d the 2 files in there quick, tweaked the location of my clientraw file (had to change ‘/clientraw.txt’ to ‘./clientraw.txt’) and I was all set.

Pretty cool - and I’m still tweaking and learning about things I can fiddle with!!

Thanks to all who did the creation/maintenance :slight_smile: