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Hello Brian and all the others here… I couldn’t reply to Brian’s post so I started a new topic.

Yes I would say three years now with WD and two years with my own website. The forecasts are made using HamWeather software. I’m usin cgi server side includes to make the forecast appear there… I guess I could do it with PHP also but i didn’t notice and change in loading speed.
HamWeather will also print out a page of it’s own… This page uses the data I upload to Hamweather/Weather for you site.

The battery status is an idea I had to exploit the low battery feature of the WM918/WX200 station. Actually I have found out that it also outputs weather it is running off AC mains or DC internal batteries. With this you could have your system running off of a UPS and the weather station plugged into the regular AC power. When the power fails the weather station will switch to battery power and will indicate this in it’s output to the computer. The computer equipment will continue to run as normal because it’s on the UPS. This way Brian could maybe add a weather warning email event for power failure or even a tag to add it to your webpage (hint hint ;)) Of course if you have your monitor on and all your accessories plugged in the ups won’t keep up long but should be logn enough for it to send an email to your pager or phone or email at work or something like that. If you leave your monitor off the UPS should last for a bit anyway though…

I’m including a sample of data taken form the station using wx200 and wx200d on my linux computer. It’s also a neat way to check if it’s on AC or internal power and if the batteries are low or not.

WX200 ff: localhost:9753 10/ 2 12:47:25 1.2 Display: Temp/0/0 Power: AC Battery: LOW ---------- Outdoor ----------- ----------- Indoor ----------- Temperature: 73.2 F Hi 79.0 F 10/ 1 15:23 72.1 F Hi 75.2 F 10/ 1 18:46
                Lo 43.9 F  9/29 21:51           Lo 65.3 F  9/30  9:37

Humidity: 83 % Hi 97*% 10/ 2 12:17 63 % Hi 63 % 10/ 2 12:47
Lo 46 % 9/30 15:17 Lo 42 % 9/29 22:56
Dew Point: 68 F Hi 72 F 10/ 2 12:19 59 F Hi 61 F 10/ 1 21:16
Lo 41 F 9/29 21:47 Lo 45 F 9/30 8:02
Wind Gust:123ESE@ 0.0 mph Wind Gust Hi:189 S @ 12.1 mph 10/ 1 13:44
Avg:123ESE@ 0.0 mph Wind Chill: 73 F Lo: 45 F 9/29 22:57
Rain Rate: 0.00 in/h Yesterday: 0.00 in Total: 0.04 in since 1/ 1 0:00
Barometer: Steady at 29.06 in 29.88 in sea; 12-24hr forecast: Rain


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very nice !
how do you get the forecasts on there?
hey, i have not got around to adding battery status yet Ryan!

Ryan has a been a avid WD user for neary 3 years now wouldnt it be Ryan?

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ah, only a moerdator can reply to the weather links, no wonder no one replies to my replies!
I will look into the battter thing for ya Ryan, as time permits , in the next week :slight_smile: