raspberrie pi and weather display

hi ppl,

im new here and hope my Q is the first one… :slight_smile:

i want to use the raspberrie pi to run the weather display software and to publish the data to a website on the internet.
is this possible?
anyone has tried this before?i have to connect the wearther hardware with a serial port to the raspberrie pi.

hope someone can give me good advice.

thanks in advanced!!

there is already a thread about this
and it has been compiled to work (consolewd)
check that out

Hi Brian
Not wanting to restart this thread, but I cannot find a specific thread that shows if WD can be run on a Raspberry Pi.

Can you please post the link to the thread



hello from cornwall, are we neighbours.

Try searching again, when I first saw this thread I searched and it only came back with this thread , tried again later and it lists alot, must of been a search issue, check out this one.


I have a raspberry to and looking to move WD to it

Hi Phil
Thanks for that! It looks like things have quietened down on that thread over the Christmas period - hopefully things will move on now. I really want to have WD running on it own machine with no other interruptions to it from my day to day “work”, but don’t want to spend the

I have spent most of the day reading through the linux and Raspberry Pi threads and am very very undecided as to what to do.

The PC that ran the weather station and managed the wdl uploads etc broke down in a terminal way some time ago and I have been trying to decide a way forward since.

I have researched to death low power consumption pc’s and can’t find one much below 250 pounds.

The answer seems to lie in the Raspberry Pi but the technical speak is beyond my comprehension.

I need to answer some questions and I am hoping that the few of you on this thread who have begun the Pi journey can help me (and others)

Does the Pi run a graphical user interface rather than a command based one?

Will weather display and weather display live run graphically on the Pi or do I need to understand all of this code that I am reading?!

At this stage I really dont think the Pi is the answer as I am not technically skilled enough to program things etc… or is the code we are reading about only needed to make WD and WDL run on the Pi and the version we download will work graphically?

Please help… :slight_smile: I want to be on-line again :slight_smile:

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It’s command line only
But will enable ftp of wdl to a website

Anybody working on this? I have a RasPI an would like to get WD Console working on it.

I have sent a number of people links to the source files
I can do that same for you

Is it possible to migrate historical data from a Windows WD to the Linux/Pi version?

Can a novice Linux user get this setup on a Pi, or does it require a lot more experience?

(Another person looking for a low power way of getting a Vantage Vue to update WDL, Twitter etc.)

a number of people have got the source code to compile and got the program to run
but no one has come back to make that compiled program available to others (I have asked but nevery heard back (strange))
see the other threads about this

yes, historical data will work (i.e the monthly data files)

I have managed to get it to compile on my raspberry pi :slight_smile:
just testing it out now

I have all the cron programs associated with console wd compiled now

I have consolewd working with my Davis VP IP data logger
and with a WMR100/200

but having a problem with the davis USB data logger: permissions with the usb port problem

I got the WMR200 working good :slight_smile:

ready for testing by others for OS WMR100/200, Davis VP/Vue

update: test run , uploading clientraw.txt , has worked well overnight (WMR200)

OK, got rapsberry Pi and a case ordered.
One thing i need to now consider is i have a serial logger.
I will need to get a serial to USB convertor, any particular one i should be looking out for on the raspberry Pi?

One with a Prolific or FTDI chipset should be OK. I understand that the pi also has a serial port but it needs a voltage level converter to use with a regular serial device.

Ive ordered a fdti one. Typical, I sold one a few months ago thinking I have no need for it.
Thanks niko, saves buying another logger

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I now have the WH1081 type station working with it now, latest update

I am away this week, school holidays, visiting relatives, so wont be able to do any more work on this for 5 days

OI#K, got the PI up and running, had to get a USB keyboard, the Pi didnt have enough power for a ps2 keyboard with an adapter.

I have pi loaded, unzipped the wd consolewdfiles (complete folder) onto the desktop (in the folder still) and followed the readme instructions.
I keep getting “sudo: ./GoWdconsole.sh: command not found”, in the LXterminal window.

Any ideas? What am i forgetting?


btw, love this Pi, writing this in it now, no noise, low power, awesome!