Rapid fire stops working after a few hours

Mine is not working also. I have latest version and Rapid Fire just dies after awhile, just like previous ones.

Also, WD crashes everytime I try to exit the program. I have also noticed lately that the MAX gust wind speed for the day does not reset at midnight. It takes the previous days high and uses that. I don’t know if that is true on version 10.32q, but on the previous few versions it wouldn’t reset.

who else has the problem of it dying?

re the exit error, try 10.32r and see how that goes

what i could do is add to log the rapid fire status…what its doing…if its working…

Thanks again Brian
10.32r seems to have solved both the exit problem and the long delay (up to 30min) for extra sensor #2 data to record. Between 10.32o and q even the battery status on extra sensor #2 was showing 0%.

I am getting a double entry in the WU data log when the normal upload time is the same as RF five minute log, so have closed down the normal WU upload and just left RF running.
Shall check it later in the day.

I am seeing the same but have left my normal upload on. I found that when the Rapid Fire is not working (their end, not WD) that the normal updates continue. But I haven’t had any problems with Rapid Fire not logging for the past 3 days or so.


i did not change anything with the extra sensor thing there kojack

it does surprise me that people worry so much aboout a double entry
what is the big problem there (when rapid fire and normal upload are the same time)

The quirks of computers :?
I had given the PC a good ‘springclean’ with Norton last night and uploaded 10.32r this morning.
Could be coincidence or just one of the many mysteries of computers.
Take your point about WU double entries. Just thought I would test it out. Back on again now.

donald, if you could try again (and note that I have fixed the crash on exit when using rapid fire)
and when it stops, i will get wunderground to look into it
note that there is a time out on the page, and you need to click on the button provided to get the flash info to start displaying again