Rapid fire stops working after a few hours

Is it just me who is finding that the new rapid fire option seems to be somewhat intermittent?

I’m finding it stops working after a few hours (actually might be less since I don’t sit and watch it)

Everything else in WD seems to carry on as normal, ie normal Wunderground updates, FTP updates etc, but when I close WD it crashes and I get an error message. Restarting WD makes rapid fire work again for a time. I’m currently running the 10.32k debug version to capture more information when it crashes.


check under view, program error log,when it stops
and you most likely will have lots of errors with the connection to wunderground

which points to a intermitant internet connection problem that you have

i have not had it stop myself

i will check on how i have some flags set, and i might just have to reset a flag every now and then
i know kojack reports it stops for him too, and a restart of wd is needed
but that is the only other report i know of, so i would say its a internet connection thing and it just gets out of sunc too many times and a flag to try again never gets set again

Bryan, This happens to me also. I would say exactly the same way rapid fire will work for several hours then stop, and when I try to close WD I get an error and have to close via task manager. Tom

Win XPpro SP 2 WD ver 1032 o

And mine has been fine for 10.5 days now :slight_smile:

If there was any interruptions I wasn’t aware of them and it is updating normally all day today for me…


Thanks for the reply, I just looked in the program error log and see no errors at all, Rapid fire had stopped. The internet connection here is very reliable in my experience. On attempting to shut down WD this time, it wouldn’t, and I had to terminate it which means I didn’t get the debug error log, but what usually happens is that it crashes on shut down. These events only started when I updated to try the rapid fire option.


I have noticed that lately WD fails to close when I save&exit the program and I have to use task manager to kill it.

But everytime I check RF it seems to be working so not sure if this is related or not. How are you able to tell RF has stopped updating? I find nothing in my programerrorlog.txt or ftp log. How do you find out if RF stopped updating and what time it went down?

the exit error might be when its doing a WU rapid fire updates but tries to close at the same time
maybe if i put in a delay to let wd finish things before closing
i will try that

Stopped again last night at 0400 GMT. Checked data on my WU page and by keeping the main WU upload at 15 min intervals you can see when the RF stops.
Tabular data shows this: http://www.wunderground.com/weatherstation/WXDailyHistory.asp?ID=ILAURENC1
Closed down WD and rebooted. All OK again.
When I exit WD (save and exit) get a screen message indicating WD not closed and settings may be lost, but not showing in task manager and I click the message to close.

try a new zip download 10.32o
i have done made some changes that should help

Thanks Brian. Will try later. WU RF only seems to do its ‘wobbly’ during the night.

Have upgraded to 10.32p from your zip. Many thanks.
Got this again when I exited WD for the new upload. The only thing that may have been running in the background was RFire which didn’t show in taskmanager.

I just tried this version, Rapid fire still stops working (only ran for a few minutes I’d reckon) and WD crashes when you try to close down it WD.

I’ve attached the dump from the debug version 10.32k which did the same for me.

Regards, Donald

wderror.txt (18.3 KB)

i have no idea why the WU is stopping for you, it must be something to do with your internet connection or firewall or something like that

the exit error points to the davis request data still trying to get data as the program is closing…but i have supposed to have shut down all the timers…
10.32p i have a delay added to the shut down so that things can finish

I checked my RF for yesterday and today and do not see any gaps in the data, always at 2 or 3 minute updates versus the 15 minute normal updates, so no breaks in the updates for me. However, while updating to 32p WD still failed to exit cleanly. Not sure if that rules out RF as a cause or not…

Bryan, Contrary to my previous post Rapid fire has uploaded properly now for 2 days without error. Tom

ver 1032o

Well thanks to Microsoft patch day stuff :frowning: I went ahead and updated to 10.32p and will see if I have any issues, sure was going strong with 10.32h, 11 1/2 days and almost 1,600,000 data bits…


Q: donnald
what update speed do you have set?
maybe if you have it too slow, then wunderground assumes there is not rapid fire happening

I see from today’s WU data that it is now showing data records at five minute intervals instead of the previous 2 min. Still refreshing at the same rate ( I set to 3 sec )

I have mine set at 5 seconds, realtime seems to refresh more frequently than that but my records are being recorded at every 5 mins as well… Maybe they decided that recording every 2 mins hard data was a bit much?


It was set to the default speed WD sets it to what ever that is, 5 seconds or so? I’ve disabled it now as its plainly not working for me. WD live works ok so I’ll stick with that.

Regards, Donald