RAOB Pop-up

Reaching out to find out why I am getting the RAOB setting screen to pop-up every time I am running a WXSIM run. I was not getting these before. The pop-up stays even after the run is done and needs either an entry or OK.
Next question is: is there a default setting that would override this screen with an acknowledgement.


Hi Bert,

First, sorry for the delay in replying!

I actually get these myself from time to time. It’s a box that’s supposed to pop up during a manual run, and then you can either OK it, or click set upper winds (makes only a very minor difference) and then OK it. It also “pops up”, usually invisibly (because it OK’s itself almost immediately) during auto runs. Of course, it’s supposed to disappear, as I wrote code expressly to do that.

There’s bad news and good news: the bad is that I really haven’t managed to figure out what causes this. It’s very subtle, and has somethig to do with the threading of events. In my case, it’s so rare that it’s hard to catch. In your case, something mysteriously changed in your system that tipped the balance, so to speak, throwing off some kind of timing.

The good news is that it’s only cosmetic, from what I can tell! Everything seems to go fine afterwards. The forecast completes and I believe is the same as it would normally be. There’s just that pesky box still sitting there when the run is over! Until and unless I can catch it and find a preventative, you can just click OK and it should disappear. Hopefully it will quit or reduce in frequency, but let me know if it continues unabated.

Strange, I know! But not detrimental to the forecast.