Raingauge Problems

If you are not getting good readings with your raingauge, you should not always blame Weather Display. These pictures were in the latest Davis Newsletter. :spider: aren’t the only thing you might find up there…

I saw those pictures. The first one. not bad, but are you going outside and shoo the hawk away? Not me said the little red hen.

If that was my US$250.00 UF Sensor up there, I might toss a fish at the Osprey. Maybe he would move on.

I think he’d be more inclined to stay around if you’re offering food as well as a home!

people really should not be having the rain guage high up on a anenometer mast either…as wind blown rain will tend to miss the rain gauge more…and vibrations/shaking can set off trips, etc…
thats my thinking anyways!

also, why doesnt davis have a white rain guage?
a black rain gauge on top of the temperature sensor does not make sense to me, LOL

The way the wind blows down there, the rain gauge wouldn’t be pointing up. It would probably be at a 45 degree angle. And probably would not catch any rain, since the rain would be comming in horizontally from the opposite direction. :smiley: Of course, that would also keep the birds from wanting to nest there. Darn nest would keep falling out of the funnel.